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Alfred Webre with Lisa Harrison Nov 24-2014

8 Comments 26 November 2014

Alfred Webre joins me to discuss the evidence of the positive timeline we are now on and his latest book ‘Omniverse’

I have to say this is the happiest and most animated I think I have ever seen Alfred, it was a real pleasure to speak with him again.

Alfred Webre Nov 24-2014 by theonenetwork

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Alfred Webre: Positive Timeline, BRICS, Money, Putin & the Omniverse – TRUTH
By Alfred Lambremont Webre



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  1. LiseSF says:

    Brilliant discussions & love seeing Alfred in such a happy state! Cockatoo was perfectly timed. Thanks Lisa loving your interviews xxx

  2. Cyndi says:

    THAT was extremely juicy and fun!!! Great job! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you.

  3. Jarumir Khan says:

    Yes Alfreds Message is very important for man kind and others. A positive timeline is given by the galactic particles coming from our holo in the Milky Way. These are holograĆ¼hic sols which can transmit with the scalar and photons together and they are making the structures for all Life. Thank you Alfred, that you enlighten us for the good information. As Burgkard Heims 12 dimensional world everything makes a sin to all that stuf. We have more organisational structures as we know. Our 12 dimensional Bios is used to have that structure. Thank you also to Lisa. Yo are making a very good job in the interview with Alfred. Be the Love and truth with all of us. Jarumir Khan

  4. Brilliant! That said, I’d love to see you expand its audience by sharing this full interview in short bits, with titles to exemplify the specific topic covered therein, as this interview contains dozens of valuable insights on so many delicious and powerful sub-topics. Talking about what one sees on Facebook – just imagine the potential virility of being able to watch, share, and comment socially with friends, family and followers those bit that peak one’s personal fancy. With love and genuine respect…

  5. Jimmy Satva says:

    Dear ONEs,

    Thank you for this amazing conversation. We have arrived, Feel it, Know it, Be it… now, let’s get the rest of team Earthlings on board. he he he ha ha ha ho ho ho… Love you guys!!
    jimmysatva at gmail


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