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Collective Imagination Dec 10-2014

1 Comment 10 December 2014

This week Lisa welcomes back Michael Monk and Barbara Karnes as we return to the original format for this experiential show.

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  1. Susan says:

    You asked for experiences regarding the meditation- even if they did not seem connected – The day after I did the meditation, I was going to be driving the highway for a good while, so I plugged in a music CD my son had compiled for me. It was to remind me of the visit we had just shared. I had flown down to see his newborn daughter-I have listened to this CD many times in the past five years- and enjoyed it-It was just a nice pleasant mix- -But this time it was so different- Each and every song struck a chord so deeply- I was dancing and crooning, smiling and weeping…I came to realize that I was not only feeling the song, but I was feeling the soul message my son had given to me compiling this montage of emotions -his feelings of being a new parent, his love for me as his mother, his world opening, and on and on…It was a deep communication -more than any conversation could ever achieve, more than I can begin to describe–So, this, the day after the meditation-

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