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Collective Imagination Oct 21-14

2 Comments 21 October 2014

The CI crew were joined by Hope Girl of Fix The World from FTW’s new headquarters in Morocco.
The discussion included QEG updates, free energy implications, building bridges and shifting paradigms in all areas of our lives.

Collective Imagination Oct 21-2014 by theonenetwork

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  1. Susie says:

    Hi, I enjoyed the show! And I can’t wait for Dani’s Transpicuous update on banking/$$ — the past few weeks I had high hopes that the market would finally crash and some truth would sneak out, but once again, it sailed upward on strategically placed hot-air comments from whales. SIGH.

    But, my question: HopeGirl’s third project re telephone security sounds a lot like what Caleb’s Project XIII was going to be, at least the way I remember hearing about it around May, 2013. The PXIII site shows updates, but isn’t that overlap or can they work together or something?

    Bless you for all that you guys do!

  2. CLAUDE says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I was listening to the RELAUNCH show and as for tools, i find that most have yet to realize we have all been wounded in some form or other and to get back to ourselves = soul retrieval.

    The first nations know this and while we are in this matrix of duality (pre 2013) the soul has been fragmented and needs to reunite.

    Then the healing process begins especially the feeelings of being abandon from the Creator ( illusion of separation and division).

    Next, living the present , listening to how the universe converses with you in an individual and collective level, this is simultaneous.

    I enjoy working with the vibrations of the 13 Moon calendar( with the Mayan glyph -Dreamspell). We are vibrations.

    There is no easy /quick fix, it s using our power of choice to choose the way we feel is best in devotionto creation, THAT’S US, you, me, we.

    We consciously need to comprehend that WE bring into this world ,our essence and not focus on what to get out of it.

    There needs to be a re-education, more of a remembering school for this next phase of our involution.

    I admit that i have yet to master everything in my life , however i am grateful for the supporting cast of humanity helping each other on this monumental QUEST….

    Love and peace
    claude L

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