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Collective Imagination Sept 16-14

11 Comments 16 September 2014

On the Collective Imagination this week Lisa, Brian and D interview Lily who brings forth new information on;
*What the planet is, her mission and purpose
*What really happened December 2012
*Who are the humans on this planet and their soul origins and much more.

We anticipate a lot of questions coming from this information and plan to continue the conversation with Lily.

Lily has requested that any SERIOUS questions be submitted to

Collective Imagination Sept 16-14 by theonenetwork

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  1. Igor Pek says:

    Any manifestation, including that of light, must begin with negation of an aspect of all that exists in order to separate from it something to be posited in the (over) compensation cycle. All Posit-ion is due to overcompensation of negation due to communication latency inherited from negative processes. This very lag (because of negation)is what makes the universe grow.

  2. Igor Pek says:

    I think where the confusion may lie is a common association of positive with love, when Love is actually neither negative of positive but neutral. Love is simply unconditional allowance (creative principle) while both positive and negative are reciprocally related products of dis-allowance (manifesting characters). Dis-allowance being a characteristic of fear.
    The base binary logic of everything is allowance and dis-allowance AKA Love and Fear, AKA simply Yes and No. Yes is unconditionally conducive so remains a reliable constant, while No is restrictive, thus its influence can only ever be to change, both negative and on the flip side “with feeling”, positive.

    It’s actually very simple when you start at the top and work down and the top of everything can only be the principle, the only true unbreakable Law: Allowance. It is after all the first thing you need in order to exist.

  3. Maggie Nasso says:

    Hi Guys! My biggest comment is WOW! Thanks so much for putting Lily on the air.

    Two questions come to mind. An A-Ha moment came when Lily said our goal was not to remain between dark and light but bring the ends together + everything is math. Question: don’t two ends coming together around a body (including the earth) create a toroidal field? I found it interesting that AK put a great picture and article on his site today about this regarding the earth and stars
    Question 2: I heard Blue Star (deerwoman) in the background asking how we could provide energy for those stuck in the ethers. Will all the BEings stuck there have the option to regain a body if they choose before it’s too late? Big Hugs, Maggie

  4. RamonK says:

    Thanks Lily!
    And thank you Lisa, Brian and D.
    Lots of love!

    P.S. I appreciate this :)

  5. Susan says:

    This is the fourth or fifth time I have tried writing to explain what this broadcast has meant to me. I can’t. Still in the thick of it. All I can say is, that this has brought clarity and at the same time has agitated perceptions . This is a HUGE component in explaining the true nature of who I am. ME. Why I have been pulled in different directions and have felt discord within myself. Warm thanks and much love to you all. Keep on truckin’

  6. Nastasja says:

    OMG, OMG! Finally!! This totally ties in everything I have learned, felt intuitively and came across in the last 25 years! From first experience with the energetic level, to Wingmakers (the original documents/story) to conversations with god, to the 8 million versions go the Anunaki/illuminati/global elite stories, to Thoth, to the RA material to David Icke and the multitude of channelling and levels of people in the know (sigh)…! Thank you Lily! Thank you Lisa, Brian and D for getting this out! My questions are: 1. Where does “demiurge” or “fake god” now fit into this? Are he/they also caught up in the astral timelines? I know about “divine” plans, and all the we-are-one references, but I am still missing one piece, why all the multi levels of who gets to what when? I thank Mother Earth everyday for her gifts, and stance of unconditionality! The moment is truly a Present! I do look forward to the next airing with Lily; and D, Heather, Lisa….THANK YOU x 100000000000000…..!

  7. Nastasja says:

    Thank You too x 10000000000, Brian…just got a lil excited! Lol

  8. Randy W. Griffin says:

    Thanks for this broadcast! It explains why I never felt a longing for, or a pull towards, any other planet than Earth. I have been enjoying a ever-deepening relationship with Gaia. Ironically, I have a friend who is definitely Starseed, but also shares a disdain for organized religion.

    If I may, please touch upon the Human Portal and the Grand Portal, as mentioned in the Fifth Interview with Dr. Naruda.

  9. Danielle says:

    Thank you! This was a powerful interview. I look forward to future interviews with Lily. George Kavassilas has been sharing similar information for over a year.

  10. Lizzie2shoes says:

    I look at the books on my shelf and the countless hours of contemplation of “Who am I” and now realize why nothing ever sticks and that listening to my inner knowing has been correct. I continue to be the observer amazed and amused by my existence. Daskalos, one of the purest souls I have studied stated truth is a many sided diamond, however even now I wonder about his teachings. This is a powerful interview, it resonates with me. I am fascinated. (with lots of questions)
    namaste and thank you
    more please, I’d like to see you to ask Lily, what should we be doing here besides equality for all and helping mother earth.
    Listening was like eating a good meal, I want a second helping. I think there is a second interview, looking now.
    Just got this in the USA through IN5D and Greg Prescott, thanks Greg.
    (sometime the recording was hard to hear, can you check mikes)

  11. Dave Emery says:

    Hello – thank you for this very fascinating and informative work of Lily’s – very much appreciated the learning given here – have to say that much of this I have been studying for about 6 years though not with Lily’s great depth of detail – thank you.

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