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Collective Imagination Sept 30-14

12 Comments 30 September 2014

Lisa, Brian and Dani travel down several rabbit holes this week, including the recent information shared by Lily Earth and it’s connection/relevance to other material such as the Wingmakers, Allfarra, John Lash and others.

Where and what is the gold, really????

Collective Imagination Sept 30-14 by theonenetwork

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Lisa’s Beast Vision as originally shared on the Collective Imagination February 2013

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  1. Nastasja says:

    Hi, I am not sure if I missed it, but is there more in on Lily anywhere (via internet)? How did you connect with her? As well, what is iTech? I have seen it once referenced on D’s blog, and heard it mentioned here a few times. Can you debrief please?

    Thank you for another great show! :))

    • Lisa Harrison says:

      lily does not have a website, she has not been public before with this information. Lily approached Lisa via email asking if she would be interested in doing an interview

      iTech is our Internal Technology, such as telepathy, teleportation, instant manifestation.

      • Nastasja says:

        Amazing! Thank you Lisa. I would like to ask Lily a question or 2, if possible?

        In the first interview, she spoke of different levels (signified by a color chart tagged on a piano music scale) and many are on level “gold/yellow” A-2. How does one know what level they are on?

        Next Q, when will recieve another update from Lily?

        With Gratitude :))

  2. Heather Campbell says:

    I AM the gold!
    And I have decided to stop being bank rolled.
    No more wined and dined
    or mastermind.
    I am here to be free.
    Here to be dealt only by me.
    “Oh No!” you might say,
    “that will ruin my day!”
    But that is nonsense!
    You’re just sitting on the fence.
    You too are gold
    and should not be bought or sold.
    So with love and sincerity,
    as well as this new clarity,
    I say unto thee,
    “Let the gold be free!”
    (Which is actually YOU and ME!)
    Now go DO and BE!

    Love to ALL, Allways and Forever,

  3. Linda Livesay says:

    This was like a “fireside chat”. Grab your popcorn and get comfortable. A really relaxed, fun, informative, creative exercise into our “Collective Imagination”. Thanks to Lisa, D, Brian, Bill, and Deerworman (I think). Hopefully one day soon, we can be in a chat room live and interplay with you. Until then, keep stirring and mixing because we are all making this delicious drink for the eternal essence to INbibe.

  4. Susan says:

    You spoke about the value system with/without gold…you questioned how to value…I just had these images show up…Side by side were images of beef cattle in box cars and children in school busses…the next were cattle in corrals and children in classrooms…the next were cattle being sorted into grades…and the children being put into grades…the next were of the beef parts being graded…and the children being graded.. A B C D F …Then the sudden feeling of , ” How could one possibly grade or evaluate one of these glorious shining children ? Assign different worths ? How can you assess the value of a deed, a gift, a child’s drawing to his mother and an oil painting ?” It all felt so gross and despicable. I don’t know what kind of system will replace the current monetary system…something we have not imagined yet

    • Nastasja says:

      You are bang on with this…thus we can imagine a change to this system! Where our children are supported by THEIR gifts and talents, with creativity and interaction. As for money, I picture a slow transition, where the playing field is evened out with the most needing address first…little by little, people will start to come together and build, create and support changes required. I see big companies allowing paid time off to have employees “donate” time and effort to address these needs, these big companies will provide relief to the products and services they sell. Employees will help sustain these products/services, where additional head count not prioritized to maintain/sustain will be allowed to be part of the rebuild. Money will still be needed, but our hearts will be open to help because our needs will be taken care of. Retired people will come out to help, find a new freedom of a need to be needed without the pressures. Sorry, a bit long winded…lol. :))

  5. Abu Zayd says:

    Interesting to hear about the Wingmakers material changing over the years. I first started looking into the Ancient Arrow Project/Wingmakers/Incunabula info about ten years ago as I was led there by following the energetic trail. I really hadn’t looked at it for many years and when I looked at the interviews recently (which hadn’t been released back then)I definitely got the feeling that it was different than what I looked at before. I think the first time I heard the term was from Al Bielek talking about going into the future. He didn’t go too much into what they were so I started looking things up. To me the term Incunabula is very linked to the Ong’s Hat story and Joseph Matheny and an offshoot of Moorish Science (also where I first learned about sovereignty).
    Just as a side note when I hear the term “Gypsy soul” I do bristle a bit because I come from an ethnic Gypsy family and the name comes from the fact they we were mistaken for Egyptians because of our swarthy appearance. I know it’s commonly used as a metaphor for nomadic and the English language is inherently problematic but it’s just my reaction. Try substituting another ethnicity and you might see what I mean, like “Asian soul” or “Arab soul”. Anyway just wanted to share that.

  6. Lily says:

    Lisa, Lily here…. just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your vision, listening to that was so much “confirmation” for me! Thank you!!! :)

  7. Kate van Nooten says:

    Thankyou!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

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