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Fix the World Media Ep 2 – Nine Gifts of Gaia

1 Comment 18 December 2014

Hope Girl with Brian Kelly on Nine Gifts of Gaia

Nine Gifts of Gaia. A New Paradigm Business Model that Embodies the Alchemy of giving with Brian Kelly.


Get ready to feel great! This weeks Fix the World Media show features a new business, “Nine Gifts of Gaia” with Brian Kelly. This amazing new way of doing business incorporates the alchemy of giving as a way to correct the corrupt business models of the past.



Nine Gifts of Gaia focuses on selling products from around the world with a completely transparent price structure while raising funds to help support other causes. Many charities are corrupt, Nine Gifts of Gaia is a model that re-defines charities and non-profits and exemplifies the way charitable donations and giving should be done.



Fix the World Media Ep 2 – Nine Gifts of Gaia… by theonenetwork


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1 comment

  1. Frances says:

    GREAT interview/discussion, Hope and Brian. LOVED it! And I Love and Appreciate you both SO incredibly much . . .

    And Brian – THUMBS UP, man! What you’ve shared, and what you’re doing, is so uplifting, so inspiring, just so fricking WONDERFUL! Keep on keeping on, Bro. Behind you in spirit all the way!

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