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Fix The World Media Launch with Hope Girl and Brian Kelly

2 Comments 26 November 2014

Launch of a New TV Show:Episode One-New Paradigm Business with Brian Kelly and Hopegirl.

In our new TV show, the Fix the World Organization will be discussing our many planet changing projects and new paradigm business concepts.

In this show Hopegirl and Brian Kelly combine their backgrounds in traditional business with explanations of how we can create new ways of doing business in the new paradigm. Topics discussed are: An introduction to the Fix the World Organization and a full update with pictures and plans of our new headquarters in Morocco.

Also, new paradigm business concepts discussed include; aggressive competition, crowd funding and micro financing, ‘giftivisim’,  paying it forward, and socially responsible business practices.

If your tired of the same old grind and corruption in the way the world does business, this discussion will refresh and inspire you and reminds us that there is still a lot of good in this world and a lot of people that are working really hard to blow the whistle on corruption and create a viable new way to do things differently and help humanity break free from suffering, poverty and oppression once and for all.

Fix The World Media Launch with Hope Girl and… by theonenetwork

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  1. Thilidor Ximilius says:

    Wow, you guys share my sentiments almost exactly. I’m definitely on board with you, how do I contact you!!!! I left Canada just a couple years ago, it’s really amazing that you chose Morocco, with the anti-muslim propaganda in the US. I wonder how you’re dealing with the language issue as well. I have a lot of ideas that I want to share about how to set up and clearly articulate a structure for the paradigm that you are only skirting with in this interview.

    My big idea is to set up a way for people to support any project that they want to, with oversight as a replacement to the current system of allowing governments to do anything with no oversight whatsoever, against the best interest of everyone as a class. This necessitates the institution of a world-wide, hierarchical, unarmed and non-agressive conflict resolution and resource management force. The idea of having each individual choose one person from their generation who they personally trust from a quarter of the whole population, and then a quarter of that population personally trusted by the 25% to handle even more complex issues, and a quarter of that population, etc, until you have a very small group at the top who has been entrusted to handle the most complex problems. Notice that this is not a meritocracy/open jurisdiction ideal, it is a personal trust based ideal, limited to what a person says they were going to do and are charged with carrying it out for everyone’s benefit underneath them.

    This will be a great victory over the Brzezinski globalist, with the main difference being the incentive for action – under the current system the incentive being power or money or both, and the incentive under the new paradigm being the genuine respect and admiration – without a transer of fear-based authority – by a far greater number of people who are in a personal trust relationship with the individuals in “power” through their personal trust pipeline to the top, if you will.

  2. Ronald Boer says:

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