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Inner Circle with Wendy Adams Ep4 Jan 2-2015

3 Comments 02 January 2015

Today’s Inner Circle stars as The ONE NETWORK’s debut LIVE video streaming broadcast.

Wendy and Rob takes calls from viewers amid their insightful and positive conversation.

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  1. Julie K says:

    Love the Wendy Adams inner circle show. Great show
    Sorry but I’m not a fan the guy (Rob). He don’t bring alot to the show.

  2. T.B says:

    This show is Awesome! Thank you for bringing it to The One Network! My opinion is that Rob is great but Wendy should work more with Brian Kelly wow their energy is spectacular together! I could listen to both of them all day long.

  3. Rob Freeman says:

    Hi Julie K thanks for your feedback. To be honest had this been a purely Psychic Medium show then you’re right I cannot bring much to it as this is not my field. However if people had called in needing help under crippling debt or injustice in the Court system then I would have been able to offer some help of some sort. But thanks for your input. I am not looking for fans by the way.

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