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Maha-tara Youssef with Blue Star

2 Comments 24 November 2014

Blue Star’s debut interview with Urban Mystic Gypsy, Maha-tara Youssef, Author of  ‘Fire in the Moon- The Intimate Diaries of Maha-tara Youssef.

Maha-tara is 11th generation of medicine women in her family from the Choctaw Nation. She  grew up very deep in the Native American culture and practices. Also, raised Muslim as well as Yoruba. She needed to shift her life to shake off the old and enter the new and decided to travel to Africa. Maha-tara sold everything she owned and bought 3 tickets to Morocco. Not knowing a single person or the language she packed up her baby girls and entered into the unknown.

Maha-tara is uplifting and a “free spirit”. You journey just by listening and watching her be-ingness. She shares her insights about a very dedicated relationship with children and the world. Be prepared to smile!


Maha-tara Youssef with Blue Star by theonenetwork

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  1. Heidi Astraia says:

    Love this sister Maha-tara! Thank-you!

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