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Matt Reid with Blue Star

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Matt Reid is a normal 26 year old guy who decided to see if there was any validity to spiritual concepts. Matt embarked on a path as a skeptic which led through Christianity, Buddhism, Conspiracy Theories, Gnosticism, European Occultism, leading up to breakthrough experiences with Shamanistic Plant Tools. Matt discovered powerful spiritual truths during his experiences in the other dimensions. Matt’s experiences has inspired a stripped-down view of spiritual common sense and enforced the importance of listening to our own inner-voice first and foremost in this world and other realities beyond.

In this interview, Matt describes in detail what other realities feel like, look like, what makes them up and how various exchanges with non-human entities played-out. Matt has had experiences of tremendous love and insight, as well as horrifying experiences of manipulation and torture. Everything Matt has experienced has taught him tremendous universal lessons of respect and discernment, informing an overall view of reality he calls “The Universal Fractal Story.” 

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