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Michael Monk with Lisa Harrison Dec 2014

3 Comments 07 December 2014

Michael Monk joins me to discuss his amazing experience into zero point, the collective unconscious, duality and his return to the ‘Collective Imagination’ show in it’s original format.

Michael Monk Dec 4 2014 by theonenetwork

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My original interview with Michael Monk

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  1. Lars-Goran Fredriksson says:

    Thanks Michael, for sharing your experience :)
    I’ve been following you since 2012..
    Great show…explained a LOT of how United Reality works for each and everyONE of us :)

    And Thanks Lisa,
    again a great job :) :):)
    Lars-Goran Frediksson
    Int eh NOW in Peru

  2. Thank You Lisa M Harrison & Michael Monk! This work told that all your emotions should be recognised and felt! Even though it is not advisable to dwell on Hate and Violence but recognise them and choose to feel more loving kindness also.

    Practice positive creative emotions until eventually there is not room for negatives1

  3. Barbara Hurry says:

    Awesome show! I’m so happy to see you two together again.

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