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MIP Peru Ep 6 Dec 28-2014

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Rebeca in her suit of Armour. She will be visting many Bee reserves here amongst many other skillsets she has.

Also on the show we have a village pleading with us to help 70 houses get fresh clean water.

They will meet our panel and our inventors live on the show.

Here is their plight and this will go some way to show how MIP PERU work.

So if they are so far away from fresh water how do we get it there ?

Here is the Well.

So we will discuss how we will succeed at this project.

Crossing the river with our Chauffer, this is for fun look at the river we drove across.

Then we will discuss the new project at Cerelias for Marienith.

Here is the latest Pic of the Model.

Scaled at 1:10th the size MIP PERU will build full size version at HQ and ask the builders to dismount and re-erect in the Rain Forest for Orlando.

We will show the model we built and Why it is a prototype for the future.

We will discuss what Lars in making at MIP PERU Headquarters .

The Dodecahedron Meditation Chamber.

Meditation Chamber Lars is currentley building in th Garden at MIP PERU HQ.

Here is a preview.

And we leave the best till the last.

The all new collectively made official document of MIP PERU.

All of our MICRO & MACRO Projects in one document which will go for funding for the new year.

This document will be made into a film too By JC Anderson.

Here is access to the official Version.

Mipperu-URKU Official Doc

This will enable you to send it around your social media sites.

It truly touches your heart as to what we really do believe we can accomplish in Peru.

We are not alone in our excitement about how we all feel with our accomplishments so.

This is how we feel right now as boots on the ground team Peru.

Nikola Tesla Tells us how we feel as MIP Peru and Global have literally invented the new Financila system. We expect the first funds very very soon.

If you appreciate what we do and would like to either come here or contribute to our tasks then please use the Donate Button at the top Right of this page and it will take you to

Lars account for us to recieve your appreciation for our works here at MIP PERU.

Our aim is simple.

We have a Mission to help clean the Amazonia its animal its fauna and its people.

Our complete mission is to reconnect with Mother earth and create stable self-sustainable communities with free clean water, free clean energy, free clean organic Food, and Money for all kinds of different recycling materials.

Once established we can then venture on forth and create a self sustainable jungle as an education Museum of the future over the next 40 years and introduce a Perma-Culture which will be as the word suggests, a permanent repair of the Rivers and Rainforest.

We will be successful and the reason why is because the people here will make them selves successful.

In light from Dave and The MIP PERU Team from Tarapoto.

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