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MIP Peru Ep 7 Jan 4-2015

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MIP PERU gets a facelift from the Kids of Peru.




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The Kids of Peru and how important they are.

Lars and Dave taking in the local kids who want to play play play.

And it is literally all about the Kids.

When asked to paint our new address on the walls of MIP HQ this 8 year old needed no supervision, he just needed to be pointed toward the paint and brushes, Now look what he created.

Young Dick shows us how to work unsupervised. One of our neighbours being Creative.

Here is Rebeca A magnet for kids here at HQ since her arrival.

Rebeca showing the kids where to put the Rivers of Tarapoto on MIP HQ.

Be very careful when the kids come to the office they may just be loaded.

The very very dangerous kids of Tarapoto Armed to the teeth.

Here is the face lift of MIP HQ.

Stereo Collective The one on the right is a female and the one on the left is a bald man.

It a full blown group effort to renovate the new HQ.

Neighbours, Kids and the MIP TEAM


MIP HQ PERU get a new look.

Look at more arrivals Karl Moltzan is here.

Karl Molzan Latest Arrival Ducks the woodwork jobbies.

Karl Moltzan wants New Clean Electricity for Peru.

Karl Moltzan "Now how about new clean free energy?"

When you have Karl here you get changes as the kitchen goes high tech with new arrivals such as the new Cooker and Washing machine.

Karl Brings much needed applainces to the kitchen at MIP PERU HQ. New Washer Dryer and new gas Oven.

Also Arriving at MIP HQ Tom And Dani from Humans Unifiying Global Solutions (HUGS) find Home at MIP HQ PERU:

Will be on the show saturday 4PM EST.

Tom and Daniel Arrive at MIP HQ PERU. HUGS are here and they will tell us all about it live on CCN TV saturday 3rd Jan 2015 4PM EST.

Mario Returns.

After a hard days work Juan, Mario and Rebeca take a break in the mototaxi.

We hope you enjoy the tour of the new look office we have much to discuss

We will be discussing the latest on the Financial sector and how we intend our projects to be funded by the 501 c 3.

Here is the Opening statements by Cobra.

I have been contacted by a certain benefactor who is willing to donate considerable funds to sponsor projects that are supporting the Lightworkers and Light forces as we are approaching the planetary liberation. This charitable account is an ongoing fund to provide humanitarian aid and financial support where the need is the greatest.

Funds can be given ONLY to 501 (c) (3) organizations, registered within the US, preferably to a specific charitable or scientific project.

We will be discussing the ramifications of the latest Cobra post regarding the requirements of the 501 c 3.

You can see his full post here : Or Click on the link ?

Cobra Post : Opening of the Box.

In Light From all at the MIP PERU HQ, Tarapoto, Peru.



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