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MIP Peru Ep 8 Jan 11-2015

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MIP Peru Ep8 – The Praying Mantis Show

Here is why it is called the Praying Mantis Show.

Praying mantise praying
Here are some real Peru videos and pictures of what you can expect when you feel the need to come and join MIP PERU.

Here is the expeditionary mob mugshot half way into the treck to The Thermal Springs at Chazuta.

Cesar, Karl Moltzan, Local Girls Selvi and elisha , Rebeca Tom and Daniela and our Guide on treck to the Thermal springs
Here are some videos of the Hot springs at Chazuta.

Rio Mayo From Tarapoto, Some of the vast Amazon Rivers in this region of San Martin Peru.

Also On the show we will be discussing The new financial system and how we will be dealing with the EGO in the professional field.

Michael Upstone will be with us to discuss his documentation of Conscious Co-Creating.

Michael Upstone Clears the air with Conscious Co-Creating. Just how do we remove over active ego's from the new paradigm work place.
Here is the document Please download it now to understand what Michael has already pre-planned for the new Paradigm business world.

Co-creation – Generic3.8

Cary Ellis will be on hand with our team to discuss how we see the 2015 disclosure program we will also invent ourselves.

Cary Ellis Keeps MIP PERU balanced fair and on the straight and narrow focused on the mission. We are all Possible.
CCN Conscious Consumer Network expect to play a massive part in all of this.

Let us here from Biggi on what is the latest news from The CCN Network.

Also More From MIP PERU and the new School in Headquarters

Kids get their first English lesson at MIP PERU School kids follwoing Donations form CCN TV show Biggi and Karl Moltzan

The kids Video of the new school.

Now complete with White Board for better performance teaching.

Rebeca putting up todays agenda for Juan and Isaac at MIP HQ school room form Donations by Karl Moltzan and Biggi form the CCN Network TV show last week. Here is where the money was spent.
Also From Peru we will be giving the latest on these fabulous new subjects.

Karl Moltzan will be updating us here.

1) The Gas Vapor Run motorbike Conversions ( First one will be done Saturday before the show and we may be able to show this live on TV).

2) The Crystal Battery and how the cleaning out process of the old batteries is going and sourcing all the materials now is completed.

3) The Electric conversion of the Motor taxi here at MIP PERU HQ. Karl goes to LIMA Monday with Cesar.

4) Update Mike Waters Wheel Redesigned on 3D Program By John Anderson and Built by Bosse in Sweden on his 3D Printer .

5) Update from India Irie or Kami Bowman from MIP Global after yesterdays interview with Kevin Blundell and Evans Abellard on free energy releases.

6) Also BREAKING NEWS FROM Rhonda and Maite on THE ALL NEW PLANETA LIBRE (Free Planet) In Aguano Muyuna.

Be sure to see this gamechanger.

That is what will be covered on the show Saturday.

In Light from all at MIP PERU in Tarapoto.


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