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MIP Peru Ep 9 Jan 18-2015

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MISSION I’M POSSIBLE #9 : The Empowerment Show

Our very Special Guest from across the Planet is Brian Kelly from Bali in Indonesia.

“The Empowerment man”.

We will be discussing Brian’s latest Mission and how similar he finds Bali to Peru.

He too is becoming a Missionary I’m Possible and he wants similar “Boots on the ground teams” all over the world.

Please support “The Empower it forward Project”, and If you have no money here is how to do at least something positive.


The Object of MIP PERU will be to empower Brian with experiences gained from “The Boots on the ground team of Peru” over the past 9 months.

Brian is an expert on empowering others to empower themselves, we shall be discussing how to engage the locals in Indonesia which, inturn, will empower them.

Meet some of our team.

Karl Moltzan and John Carl will be on hand to discuss the latest progress on The Vapor run Motorbikes Project and the Crystal Battery amongst other projects we are about to embark on in Peru.

Here is a typical video explaining the simple conversion of a gas engine to run of its own vapours thus gaining 5 times your value at the pump, Plus your emissions will be that much cleaner.

Here is a short video to explain the simple science involved in this converstion exercise.

Also The very latest news from Peru :

1) The School and the new Room is now fully operational thanks to Donations from Karl Moltzan and Biggi from CCN Live TV.

However we are short of at least 12 chairs for the room so Please use the donate button at the top right of this page if you can donate $100 for the school so that we can be self sufficient. We shall respond immediately.

Here is week 2 at The English school with Rebeca and Marienith.

Dr Darko will be very pleased to see the cookies removed and replaced by healthy home grown Peruvian fruits.

2) The Practical Workshops School starts creating too.

Brandy and Juan Busy with the Practical Workshops at MIP HQ making the Manillas.

MANILLAS?? What are they and How do the kids make them at the MIP Practical workshops ?

Here is the Manillas Workshops at the MIP PERU School.


Mexican, Colombian, Ecuadorian or Peruvian? traditional wrist bands and necklaces made by toddlers.

 Cover picture and its relevance Colomian Shaman styles from  Tribes on the border of Panama/Colombia.

Rebeca will be on hand ( and in English) to explain the importance of this very special trade THAT WE SIMPLY HAVE FORGOTTEN for a few minutes on the Saturday Show.

MORE Latest News:

New Accomodation Block with Workshop attached in Tarapoto for the Boys in Peru.

Karl, Lars and Paul Move into the new Des Res, Just 2 doors up from MIP PERU HQ.

How to fund MIP HQ here in Tarapoto.

We shall be discussing with Biggi ( CCN ) and Brian with our team,

How we can get the MIP HQ funded each Month so that we can expand the 7 rooms for others to use?

Your suggestions are very welcome.

The Expenses in Total for MIP HQ is $750 USD per month.

So lets wrap our minds to it and get this much needed Job Funded Now.

Remember MIP PERU empower others who will Empower others in return.

In Light From Dave and The MIP Team in Peru.

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