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MIP Peru Ep3 Nov 30-2014

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The New Technology Show with Special Guest Mike Waters

We will at first demonstrate our New Recorded and Live TV and How to do it as it failed in being recorded last week so John Anderson shall be on hand to show you how to watch us live.

I am hopeful to invite on the show some top heavy weights for a super discussion. India Irie and Lisa Harrison have been doing some really heavyweight talks of Late so we will catch up with them Especially as now Alfred Lambremont Webre will be Interviewing your Host here on Dec 3rd on Exopolitics TV. We will bring them on to discuss how far we’ve come and where we are going on this plain.

We will cover what is going on in MIP HQ Tarapoto Peru.

Our Own Aquaponics Display Model and Our needs too If You like our work?

Please donate on the top Right of this page as we depend on your energy exchanges to get materials so that we can continue.

MIP Peru Ep3 Nov 30 – 2014 by theonenetwork

Audio Only

SAM_3033Here is Lars Dropping the pipes in for the Aeroponics using cable ties for efficiency at MIP Peru HQ.
Indigo-bay-st-maarten1Caribbean Island Aquaponics Update From Indigo Bay, Saint Maarten On this Giant Eco site.

Will and Elaine will be back with us to give us more insight into their giant Project in Saint Maarten Caribbean

At the lovely holistic site of Indigo Bay.

We shall be combining Their works with the most Modern technology to see if we can be running the future Aquaponics with pure free clean energy and discussing how this is at all possible.

Mike Waters will be on the show To explain This Wheel Invention and how it could be open sourced to get power from moving water. Click on the picture to take you to Wind Lesson Article This will aid in your understanding his points of clarity on the show.

Mike-Waters-wheelThe new Wind energy Industry created by an Open Minded re look in to the entire industry By Mike Waters

The new Wind energy Industry created by an Open Minded re look in to the entire industry By Mike Waters. Click on article to Link to cure for global crisis.

We will be discussing with the panel India Irie, Cary Ellis, Kami B,

How we can move in to Clear Consciousness by Using David Wilcocks new Aluminium Shield that can offer us an environment of clear Consciousness called Biocommunication.

Click on flyer to take you to GAIA TV ( this is a pay for site $9 per month).


wt_s03_e08_2014-kozyrevs_mirrors_and_biocommunicationSimply Amazing David Wilcock Demonstrates How to get into Biocommunications
Using and open sourcing the Kozyrev Mirror.

We will also be showing you the latest from Peru and what we are up to in Changing the Millions of Motokars Here in Tarapoto.

Karl Moltzan MIP TEAM Tekky ‘s Trike that goes 60 MPH by some electrified pedal power.

Here is what current transport looks like here, and Karl Moltzan will explain his Trike

and how it works and how we go about changing the Motokar here.


Thousands of these Moto Taxies are all over Tarapoto and now we have bought one to convert to electric.


These are very efficient cheap to run vehicles already and we do not see traffic jambs

Nor many accidents and you can talk to your neighbour in them.

Once electrified we deal with Noise and Emmission pollution immediately.

And Guess what we have found Electric Segways in Peru for sale plus Electric Golf Carts and Bikes.

San Roque De Cumbaza Project report.

Our thesis is to Offer the new Village of San Roque de Cumbaza a chance to have free clean water and free clean Aquaponically grown food and collect Human waste to make Bio Gas and Recycle all the plastics to enjoy a village of total self sustainability, Thus losing their desire to go back into the jungle to destroy it for a rather unselfsustainable Lifestyle by carving the planet to make Cafe.

Once established we can introduce a project of Building Access to the jungle can commence and therefore a five year Permaculture project of Jungle repair can consciously take place by all the villagers.

New Transportation Technologies.

Or even bring some new tech to Peru. Like this.


The Snook makes The Segway Look Obsolete


Or This ?

bike1_1250061cWAAAAAAAW WANT ONE

Or Even these?



But Ultimately The chance to make the first Solar Motokar in Peru and then go round

Open Sourcing the technology to all the mechanics here in Tarapoto.

Take a look at this . I know it is Spanish But You will get the idea. Noise polution and gas emmissions Gone for ever.

Also Have a look what visited us 3 times this week, we must be doing something correct.

Talk about new Transportation technologies But this is ridiculous.

Truelly we are moving into extraordinary New Paradigm of reconnection.

Love from MIP PERU HQ Peru.

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