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MIP Peru Ep4 Dec 7-2014

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The space ship show with Special guest Donald Walton from UK

Audio Only

What! we will be discussing Spaceships Surely not.

Well spaceships have been around for years, just ask Professor John Searl, ask Fernando Vossa and now lets ask Donald Walton EX Special Projects Consultant for the British Military who will be on the show.

Just look at what we have outside our door everyday in Peru.

What is happening in Tarapoto Peru?

We will be showing off MIP Taxi and introducing our latest worker Mac who will be picking you up at the airport.

He is our newest conscript and what a Bright guy he really is aged 25 TODAY

Feliz Cumpleanos MAC Happy birthday MAC.
Here is our new Chauffeur in our New Moto Taxi MAC his name is he will be meeting you at the airport and bringing you to MIP Peru HQ.











Now on to Projects in Tarapoto Peru.

Here is the new John Anderson Mach 2 MIP Peru Ram pump.

Completely revamped redesigned and repurposed and rebuilt here at the office.

This was a blend of teamwork to create this marvelous pump for one of our favourite projects at Ashley’s place. This WILL push water from the river up to Ashley house 120 feet higher and they will get showers and drinking water form 2 new tanks to be installed by MIP Peru.

Marienith and what is she doing ?

Here are the latest Videos from Cordillera Escallera de Peru in Amazonia.

Thank you be with us and welcome to the show later today.

Please take a look at some of our WWOOF projects for expert Volunteers here.



Armando The guardian of the forest who is reforesting the jungle from Logging previously. CLICK ON IMAGE TO GO TO PROJECTS PERU.





In Light Dave and the MIP Peru and Global team.

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