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MIP Peru Ep5 Dec 21-2014

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The Tarapoto Show.

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Daniel Vecco Director of URKU The Highest level Consciouness in the Peruvian Outback


Marienith wins an Award for Orlando’s work in the animal retreat at The Micro Project Number 1 Cerelias.


Here is the full Picture after the full on presentation after Marieniths Award ceremony in Tarapoto.

The reward is plain and simple Thank you Orlando for your intensely self less work in protecting abandoned and Hijacked animals and returning them to the forest with tender loving care.

This Orlando WHos came to MIP office today and has a Message, THIS IS YOUR PROJECT>

This Project has been granted $7-10,000 by the government for basic Hygiene systems for humans /visitors which falls way short of the real needs there.

I am happy to say that MIP Peru are consultants for self sustainable ideas with Marienith who is acting as Project Manageress and Government liaison.

At last we will be discussing on the show that the Government have finally showed they will be taking MIP Peru more seriously following comments issued to us just this week when purchasing materials for this project.

More Tarapoto life videos.



The New Funding Paradigm Document

Also discussed in the show The New Funding Presentation Document and Merger with Tarapoto 501(c) 3 Company backed URKU.

What does it all mean ? Will MIP Peru Get funding? Surely Not? After all MIP Peru is not Legal?

We are sure you have a thousand Questions.

We will discuss the new document and at what stage is it from being Official Document?

Mipperu-URKU Official Draft A Proof Read 1

Now you can download this document above and it is not finished just yet.

This is Draft one out of an expected 3 more proof reads and Professional imput from our MIP Global Team, Michael Upstone and Cary Ellis.

However it goes some way to being the real deal Official Presentation.

Michael Upstone comments “OK, lovely plan! Very inspiring… I had some tears in my eyes Dave.

This goes to show how we all feel about our Mission here.

We Finally await Comments from Tarapoto URKU Director Daniel Vecco too which will be the icing on the Cake for our Document.

Daniel Vecco Director of URKU some of the highest Consciousness in the Peruvian OutBack

After all URKU will be recieving funds on behalf of and distributing those funds appropriately to our projects here in Tarapoto.

http://urkuperu.org/ Page is now under construction for 48 more hours.

This indeed are exciting times.

Tarapoto is firmly on the map and you all are on the way for the biggest display of higher consciousness our planet appears to be entrusted to all of us at Mission I’m Possible Peru.

More on Tarapoto and MIP Peru.

We have exciting news to announce Karl Moltzan will share with us the latest new And John Carl will be on hand to Infil us with the details of our won free energy device.

Jaime Oliver Tha mayor goes to Cesar From Chazuta for Karls and Rebecas Papers

Karl Moltzan Now needs his papers so here is Jaime Oliver and Cesar getting Karls Papers from the university of San Martin today.

Here we are today at the university getting everyone’s Papers.

\university Peruana with Jaime and Cesar today formulating papers for MIP Team Peru.


The eloquential Bosse Brostrom will be on to tell us all about his problems in 3D Printing the device.

The Mendel Prusa xi3 same as we have here in Tarapoto and the same as Bosse is using in Sweden to Print free energy items we design

There is a lot going on in Tarapoto and do expect more every week.

Enjoy the show ,

In Light From the MIP Peru Team.

Be sure to check out how to come to Peru if it suits you by Browsing topics on the Top Line of this page.

You will come if you get the call form the inner you .

In Light Dave


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