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MIP Peru Ep1 Nov 16-2014

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WE”RE BACK we encourage open dialogue and we are focusing on the Clean up of the Amazonia, on THE ONE NETWORK.

MIPPERU Show Numero Uno.

MISSION I’m Possible Live from the new studio in Tarapoto in the San Martin District of Amazonia, Peru.

With John Anderson, Dave Stewart and Cary Ellis, Karl Moltzan, Paul Exhall and panel of guests in The Zoom room.

We welcome your comments and interaction in the discussion of designing and building this giant project of consciousness and reforestation.

We shall be discussing Cary’s New Book 21st Centuary Super Human and Her work in Peru with The Peruvian Scrolls and trying to explain a New paradigm way of thinking that will ultimately lead to our invention of a new Paradigm way of Funding the San Roque De Cumbaza Project of Total Self sustainability and Permaculture.



After 8 months of being on voluntary expedition in the jungle and getting to grips with the understanding of The Quechuan People by speaking with their presidents and Mayors and communities, we have offered up an alternative Project of total self sustainability and Permaculture which will Lead to the Amazonia Clean up of rivers towns and jungle.



Some love missing in the recycling center in San Roque


This Project is 4 square miles of Forest in and around San Roque De Cumbaza 20 kms north of The City of Tarapoto in the San Martin District of Peru. In combining both ancient and new technologies we have offered an alternative way of operating human interaction within our motherland.

Linking Aquaponics and A full complete Recycling Center of Plastic, Metal and Organic waste Plus converting human and animal waste into Gas and Soil manure, this entire process has the potential to convert the waste in to organic food for the villagers.

 The Large but mainly Peaceful River we so enjoy in Peru Rio Cumbaza At San Roque

The Large but mainly Peaceful River we so enjoy in Peru Rio Cumbaza At San Roque


This in turn leaves the need out for the villagers to go farming for Cafe in the jungle and we can then set about the repair of the damaged jungle which can be part of a 5 year restoration project all the way up to the Quebrada 5 kms away.



The Quebradas and Rivers of San Roque de Cumbaza is plenty full of water

This is where the villagers get their water from. Peru is water rich we have found and ultimatley can have Micro Hydro power in the project after prepareing access to the Quebrada by using the vast natural rocks that the Rio Cumbaza delivers free each day.


Mayor of San Roque de Cumbaza Ceter right with Heidy, Claudia and Patricia Right and Dave and Martin with locals left.


New and holistic approach to Building techniques.

We are responding to the villagers requests for open sourcing our technologies and It is our visionj that one of the villagers or a group of them will take full control of this project in order for us to be releived to extend the clean up of the rivers and Soil in the region until we get to the City of Tarapoto.


How do we intend to reforest this devastating deforestation of 8 Acres?


The rivers are like Veins of the Amazonia and cleansing them using ancient Bio Char technology and More modern Day Effective Micro organisms technologies will make these areas Totally self sustainable and will have a knock on effect through out Amazonia.



Bio-Char was used in the Building and farming of Machu Picchu and it lays looking as good to day as it did do when it was built all those years ago


We will be going into each technology in great detail over the coming months and Ultimately these people are naturally holistic in Peru and to get the push they deserve to become totally in harmony with motherearth they will be repaid with good organic health.



The local people have plenty of skill sets to build a new complete recycling center


It is our Mission to see this project through and ensure that the area becomes a museum of Collective Consciousness and design and We shall even invent a new Financial system based on the ancient Triskelion to ensure the Projects success.

Funding for this particular project will be in the range of $30 Million US Dollars and will be delivered over a 5 year period. The radio shows on The One Network will be discussing our expeditions into the jungle to find out what are the history of the indigenous issues and how we can reverse the poverty and suffering for the Quechuan People.

Save the best to last , Power spout Given to us from Elaine and Will from Lowlands Community Gardens in the Caribbean Island of St Martin.

Asking the right questions to the right people invariably gives the best position to suggest The correct conclusions and Practical Solutions.

In Light from the MIP Peru Team.

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  1. Brilliant show, depth…out of the box….reference to new Must See movie: Origins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf4vJKZXxn8

    • Lauren Allender says:

      Such an inspirational show covering so many aspects of where we are in this moment. Exhilarating. Gratitude to all.

  2. rebeca says:

    congratulations mipperu! arriba amigos gracias por su ayuda!
    desde bogota colombia escuchamos tambien estos vientos de cambio .

  3. Kami says:

    Love To All!! <3

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