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One People Round Table Dec 16-2014

3 Comments 16 December 2014

The One People Show is back…..

Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dani Arnold McKenny invite you to join them each week as they discuss, and at times, debate, world events, mainstream headlines and this ongoing global shift.

Today’s discussion went into the ongoing research and findings around the former OPPT.

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  1. Excellent – thanks guys for all you do!

  2. ErnestoA says:

    So good to hear you guys on the air again!

    Thanks for mentioning the CampExist project. The goal of the project is to develop a truly sustainable money free tribe of nomads that will attempt to educate people about sustainability and noncoercive lifestyles.

    I designed a solar/pedal powered bamboo framed camper trike and have gathered the supplies to build it as soon as I find a more permanent location to set up shop again. The idea is to return to the only truly long term sustainable lifestyle that humanity has ever lived, that of the hunter gatherer, but using sustainable diy green tech to overcome the problems our ancestors had.

    The location that I’ve been working out of was a temporary, indefinite deal but there’s a building going in where the campsites were to be so the projects are all on hold until I find a few people that want to try being part of a sustainable neomadic prototribe. If I can find at least 2 people that want to collaborate and can handle living a life that’s dependent upon faith, love, and self sufficiency, I have lots of pieces of land in mind here in Northern AZ that could both use our help, and possibly be turned into permaculture campgrounds.

    The long term goal is developing the diy sustainable green tech, touring around to intentional communities, farms, and festivals, showing others that there are comfortable, sustainable alternatives to consumerism and capitalism, and planting little patches of native edible plants along the way.

    If the tribe gains enough support, the next part of the plan is to foster the growth of an international network of anti-profit permaculture based campgrounds that are built with local sustainable materials and methods in a collaborative, donation, gift economy way.

    I’ve posted a bunch of info and thoughts at so if you’re interested in collaborating in some way, please sign up there and post your thoughts. I’ve been struggling with this for a while now and only want to interact with those that have realized that money is a slavery control system and are ready to live peacefully and sustainably without it.

    In the meantime, the dogs and I will be living in the wild, out of a backpack, traveling to interesting places on foot in search of tribe. I’ll post updates as they happen.


  3. phil says:

    Thank you so much for yet another “I-sit-here-gloriously-stunned” moment… I “get” so much of it, especially the diabolical manipulation of the energies – hooof!
    Anyway, so, you want another piece of the puzzle? Well, just posted today on Joseph P Farrell’s website News and Views From the Nefarium of December 18, is this bit about modern day alchemists working with bacteria who poop (yes) gold.
    Imagine that, a global gold glut, and what a supreme monkey wrench THAT could be.
    Peace out and thanks again.

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