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The Peoples Free Energy Show Ep 1- Tivon Rivers

2 Comments 13 November 2014

For our debut show Hope Girl interviews special guest Tivon Rivers, an Electronics Engineer and former Navy technician with 16 years of experience. Tivon shares his hands on experience in the field of free energy development, his amazing tesla pancake coils available for energy experiments, and his time spent at the UK QEG build.

Tivon is here in Morocco to assist with moving the Morocco QEG to its new location and gives us updates on the latest developments in the QEG world.

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  1. pq47 says:

    Yes, all well and good – but has there ever been a demonstration of a QEG-like device actually running itself and delivering power to a load while totally disconnected from a source of power? If so, please share.

    • Robert says:

      Hi dear,

      These things take time and all that’s needed at this very point is patience and positivity. The QEG build is in its final stage, patience should be exercised.

      However, as a free energy enthusiast, you can go to Youtube and watch documented videos of self-running generators by Chas Campbell, Bedini, WITTS and lots of them. That would give you an insight into what you’ld expect once the QEG is completed.


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