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Transpicuous News Ep 14 – Greece, Russia and the Blizzard that wasn’t

1 Comment 04 February 2015

The opening few days this week certainly didn’t disappoint in the realms of “exciting news”. From Syriza winning in Greece and oh the fun that began from the moment it was announced, to the mystery of the blizzard that wasn’t, to Russian maneuvering, Ukrainian conscription, Chinese Pegs, and mysterious manipulation of a couple of interesting stocks in the markets.

Oh the fun I had this week…. even if sleep was lacking.

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1 comment

  1. CJ says:

    Really? You’re going to post three shows in a row? If I remember correctly (sorry, am not going to easily verify this), your first couple of shows were also in an ‘audio only’ format, which for me is ideal. I have to ‘jack’ internet, while sitting in my car to watch you, which I enjoy doing, don’t get me wrong. Currently I am on a blizzard torn island in the north east (yes, we actually got New Yorks share), and as warm as your features are, I would rather take the audio, and find a warm cave, to listen. So, what do you say? Keep freezing me with your videos, or doing an audio only link for my comfort? You can stop the audio option in the spring. Sound good?
    Love your style and delivery. 😉

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