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Transpicuous News Ep 9 – Look over There !!!

1 Comment 05 January 2015

Welcome to the Transpicuous News Show

During the frolicsome funness and festivities, many things were slipped into the main stream media news that needed a spot light.  Distraction has been the order of the past two weeks, with one event after another to keep the masses looking at something shiny while the Cabal played games in the shadows.  From air planes disappearing to ships crashing to runaway cargo clunkers full of refugees and migrants almost careening into Italy….. meanwhile behind the scenes…..

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News Stories I have been following this week: -n korea sanctions

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  1. Marcela says:

    It’s good you included Bitcoin in your coverage, and I normally really enjoy your commentary, but I’m going to ask you to educate yourself about Bitcoin before making such ignorant comments as to call it fiat, which reveals a complete misunderstanding of what Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency) is. But, no worries. You only have to read one article to bring yourself up-to-speed. Here it is (because you owe it to your audience to be informed, right?):

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