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Welcome to the New Age !

2 Comments 20 June 2014

The past week has been EXTRA ordinary to say the least. Many of us based here in Morocco made a declaration, a heart felt, body sensed, powerful and unconditional intent that WE ARE DONE. Done with this illusion and it is time, NOW, for us to all awaken within the dream.

We even gave it a deadline of 4 days. What followed (within a few hours of making said declaration) was source speaking with us through many avenues, videos, publications, in person conversations etc, that gave us clues and triggered expansion of our consciousness as well as giving confirmation and correction where needed.

Below are 3 such examples given in the sequence they were experienced by myself and those around me. I will not at this point go into what I personally received from these offerings as they are best experienced without any influence, this is a personal journey after all.

All I ask is that you don’t get too caught up mentally in the idea of the material being either literal or conceptual, true or false etc, as always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Welcome back home !!!!

First came the following video:-


Next came the 5th Interview from the Wingmakers

5th interview

Click The Fifth Interview of Dr Neruda to download

and finally this offering from Michael Monk of Avatar Energy Mastery

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2 Comments so far

  1. dedemmer says:

    Happy you are back. . .I got these three as well, but not in the same order. After reading the fifth interview, I walked on the beach to digest, process, and breathe and what appeared on the beach? the symbol for one under the pier. . .dot in a circle in the sand. I was blown away. Excited about your new broadcast paradigm!

  2. Daniel Gross (John Deere) says:

    Hello Brian and Lisa it is good to see you guys back on the energy waves together.

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