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Wendy Adams Inner Circle Debut show Dec 12-2014

3 Comments 12 December 2014

The ONE NETWORK welcomes Wendy Adams and her Inner Circle Show.

‘INNER CIRCLE’ is for all seekers of truth and anyone who seeks to understand the many mysteries of our place in the cosmos and life itself.¬† We explore a variety of topics that we feel are most urgent¬† and valuable at this time, and strive to find real truth and solid answers through contemplating, sharing and exploring experiences and our understanding of ‘the bigger picture’



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  1. Brian Molby says:

    I so enjoyed this segment of INNER CIRCLE on 12/12 within your conversation with Rob Freeman. I am actually practicing within the very nature of this conversation. I seem to remember crossing paths with you just over a year ago in I believe in Sedona. I was on the entire inaugural OPAL tour so it could have been anywhere and hearing you now on the air is quite magical in itself. I’m glad Lisa invited you onto the The-One-network. Being where I have been on the energetic trail has offered me some amazing insights into the magic within linguistics. For some time now I have had a play with words it seems. Now as to myself I find that I am moving more into a language of the heart that applies the inner body technology. It is such a pure form of communication and my choice for connecting. It is applying pure heart resonance and I feel it may well be where consciousness is headed actually. Yet it is in the frontier of a new way of being so I’ve quietly played with it. As I found myself considerably sidelined physically in life over the last 6 months so I’ve had an abundance of time and opportunity to work within the heart space and play with it. Well, this show as I listened ignited a spark and something tells me you have merely touched the tip of a continueing adventure of an exciting nature. Connections seem to announce themselves in perfect synchronicity and this show felt to be one. Will continue to listen in and see where this goes and I’ll likely be in touch.

    in love, Brian

  2. Jake says:

    I really enjoyed this show, it had incredible energy, a great message. I always feel your shows are LOVE and are very healing so thank you both. I really enjoyed the “magic” of this show. I’m looking forward to the next one.


  1. INNER CIRCLE will be on air with Wendy Adams and Rob Freeman at 8pm Est Today please stop by and join us | INNER CIRCLE - December 12, 2014

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