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Collective Imagination Dec 17-2014

3 Comments 17 December 2014

This week Michael, Lisa and chat room participants share their experiences of living within the heart space. Today’s meditation focused on connecting with and staying in that heart space of unconditional love.


Collective Imagination Dec 17 by theonenetwork


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  1. Susan says:

    I was BLOWN AWAY from the meditation- (just listened it on archive-) Did not experience a calming effect AT ALL- Had to move and stand and pace wave my arms, Felt like I was doing the old Lamaze breaths like during childbirth—It is 20 degrees here, but I had to open all the windows and doors-stood outside in my nightgown and bare feet-I was as big as all outdoors….In the beginning of the meditation I starting laughing out loud and saying, “We did it ! We did it” and inter-dimensionally felt people patting each other on the back and congratulating each other for the conscious soul merge- SO MUCH MORE- but I am going to chill and let this energy keep rockin- want to just feel into it-

  2. Misty says:

    I’m listening now and really resonating with what you both were saying about that unconditional love feeling. I felt the same thing. It only lasted for a few months. Then one day I felt completely blocked, it felt awful. Those feelings subsided by the end of the day, I was able to return to that blissful feeling, for a while, but it has faded greatly. I still don’t know exactly what that was or if I can ever get back there, but I suspect it was a false light/ love experience, so I don’t want to go back there if that’s the case..perhaps that’s why we feel blocked. It was before Dec 2012. The day I felt the block was Dec 02, 2012. So many realizations, experiences and understandings have occurred since then, now I feel like I’m in waiting, waiting for more information, which of course occurs, but waiting for something to happen and really wanting to connect with others who share my current understandings or have more. I wish I had the energy I had back then

  3. vil says:

    Love this episode. Especially the mediation portion of the show. Who did the music?

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