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Collective Imagination, One TV

Collective Imagination Sept 23-14

17 Comments 24 September 2014

On the Collective Imagination this week Lisa continues the conversation with Lily. The response to last weeks show was very positive and many questions were put forward by viewers.

Collective Imagination Sept 23-14 by theonenetwork

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  1. Linda Livesay says:

    I was giggling when you asked Lily about the Neruda papers. That is what I meant when I posted before that more pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me.

    I was referring to the correlation of the Neruda paper number 5 and what she was saying.

    I did not really get all of what Lily was saying in the first interview on a mental level, but I totally got it on a feeling level.

    Thank you, Lisa, for your good questions and for the better connection so that I could really hear her this time.

  2. Nastasja says:

    Original Wingmakers is archived by a wonderful person – the one you are reading now is has been corrupted. Please go here: http://www.wingmakers.us

    I have the original hard copy of the first 2 interviews with Dr Anderson and captured by Journalist Anne.

  3. Nastasja says:

    So you will see there have been some changes, Dr Anderson, became Dr Neruda…etc. I am not sure how much truth are in interviews 3-5, but my gut tells me its buried in there.

    Please see: http://www.wanttoknow.info/wingmakersorig/wingmakersinterviewschanges

    Thank you Lily again, for the affirmation of the 15% – I can’t begin to tell you what validations you have given! Thanks D, Lisa and Brian – and Heather for all that you do and providing this medium to spread the “word” and ensuring we are not alone! Namaste and Bravo!

  4. Nastasja says:

    PS – please say HI to Obi One…aka AK! ;))

  5. Maggie Nasso says:

    Heartfelt thanks to you, Lisa, and to Lily for this interview! There were so many insightful questions and answers.

    I am pleased that Lily made the statement at the end about grounding and centering. I have been drawn to meditation but can’t stay with it for long. Meditation makes me feel uneasy and wondered why. I have always been drawn to heart-centered stillness. There is a difference. When we flow from our center that is the source of our personal power.

    Lily has connected the dots for me in many ways. In 2010 “I” was literally pulled out of my body while merely sitting in my chair. I saw many large beings manipulating cords to other beings. I asked who these large beings were, I heard the lords of karma. They were intentionally causing issues through the cords and were pulling the energy back to themselves. I was overwhelmingly angry when I realized what was being done. I started screaming at them, where is your heart? They took notice of me and I yelled from the depth of myself, you need to find compassion. They relayed to me something to the effect of, “okay, now go back to where you came from”. Which I did and landed so hard in the chair it moved. This event changed my entire world view and took me years to come to grips with what it meant.

    The Wingmakers material is mind-blowing – in a good way. The art, music, teaching-Lyricus, and more and more free on the site. If you can afford it the music, books, etc, offered is awesome! For those interested in the Neruda Interviews, here is the link https://www.wingmakers.com/content/neruda-interviews/.

    I am looking forward to more communications from Lily. Big Hugs to All!

    • Lily Earth says:

      thank you so much for this post about astral cords (cording). I have had a few of these experiences my self. You describe it exactly how I usually see this cording happening. I had one of this experiences when I attended Ashayana Dean work shop (some day I will tell people how and why I end up going to her workshop) but for now I will just say what happen there. She did this “activation” that “guardians” dictated to her….. well long story short, that activation was a cording process that took about 45 min and was able to see all of that process on energetic level. It was very similar to what you described. Seeing this “cording” and draining of 400+ people was the most horrific scene I have ever watched. Some day I will need to go in to details of that experience and share it with others, I am dreading that day, but it will need to be done at some point. Another one was George Kavasilass, very similar cording process was done to many many people by “his group”, I will need to go in to details of that horrible situation as well, but later on, for now it will have to wait.
      Thank you for sharing this info, and thank you so much for listening.

  6. Simon says:

    Two cents worth – I had a hard time listening to Lily on both of these shows, but I never want to discount anything or anyone. We are making a contribution of one sort or other, ALL of us.

    My initial feeling was that she was being used to distract us from the internal tech conversation. All misinformation is 96% true and the bait of new information is too good to turn down right? Lily brings some valuable insights and I bow in Namaste (is that a phrase that works :D), but insight and even knowledge is no good at all without action and a direction to move in. The tree of knowledge of good and evil has long been a distraction from the fruit of the tree of life!

    I look at the timing of this ‘new information’, just when a conversation is beginning about people getting connected to their inner tech, getting to the source of the CI introduction… The whole game of our non-creator companions is distraction from understanding this. We are told we will be like God when we already are; told to look outside of ourselves when everything is we look for is already with in us.

    My heart goes out to Lily in gratitude for her wonderful connection to the Planet. Thanks so much Lily for being willing to risk being shot down for standing in your truth. It’s the same for all of us, walking in faith.

    What I got so far is the recognition that I was lying around on the grass a lot too 馃榾

    Also understand now about where she is coming from about prayers and meditation. Anything reactive, not from creation, creates what we do not want. The feeling we bring is everything. So appreciated having that cleared up.

    Clicked on an old show looking for this one and Brian was talking about how he is going within. I feel lots of us are doing that now and the answers, personal answers will be found there. Heather said that a few weeks ago… <3

  7. Abu Zayd says:

    When I tried to listen to the first interview, honestly I was turned off by some of her terminology so I stopped listening. I just listened to it all the way through and understand more where she is coming from now, am able to entertain this information without accepting or rejecting it.

    Some of it resonates quite a bit, while some of it doesn’t. I understand in her terminology that I would be one of the 15%.

    As I understand it, much of her information seems to contradict what Heather has been saying. I personally hope that Heather is correct. I don’t want to have to wait another 50 to 100 years before some of these things happen. Also she’s saying that the banks are stronger than ever. And I really liked Heather’s statement that all had been reconciled back to Source and that hierarchy and duality is over, though it’s still playing out on the physical.

  8. Simon says:

    I wrote my first comment half way through. So glad I made it to the end. The best for me was in the last 10 mins.

    It’s like we still have to wrestle with our polarity to find a way to come together sometimes, but when we do, when we invest the time to understand each other and build on what we have in common, rather than focus on what separates us, we are rewarded with the delight of finding we are one! <3

  9. Mary says:

    Could someone give me Lily’s email. I didn’t hear it given, though she mentioned it a couple times.

  10. Roy says:

    It’s to my understanding only the first two original interviews are available, but on the original wingmakers site in Anne’s glossary she said she did 5 interviews of which only 1 and 2 are presented there. It’s also to my understanding from what I can gather is the Neruda interviews 3-5 are not of Anne’s or of Mr.Anderson. Does anyone know where I can find the original 3-5?

  11. rhoda says:

    Interested in a more empowering scientific viewpoint that places YOU in charge? Visit Manyofonenew.com.

  12. maryca says:

    Mary, lily’s e-mail= lily.earth@yahoo.com

  13. Michelle says:

    Hi. I would really appreciate some clarification on this one point. I listened to both interviews, 2 times. Question: Is it ALL humans on Earth that are feeding an associated “twin” soul in the astral plane right now, or is it just the 85% who are subject to this situation? ANd if it is just the 85% who are being harvested by a Twin “higher self” in the astral plane, then does this mean that the remaining 15% have their twin soul with them in their physical body now? THANKS. Michelle

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