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Collective Imagination, One TV

Collective Imagination Sept 9-14

23 Comments 09 September 2014

This week we discuss more in depth our ‘i-tech’, how to activate it and what is stopping us at this time.

Collective Imagination Sept 9-14 by theonenetwork

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  1. Jeff Gates says:

    please make downloadable! some of us listen multiple times to grasp, resonate, absorb the multi-dimensionality-ness.

  2. Abu Zayd says:

    I feel like there have been several instances of using i-tech but this one is humorous. When I was on tour with my old band we were out in the middle of nowhere in Washington state. Our van overheated so we had to stop. We still had to keep to our schedule to get to our next show but you can’t open the radiator right away or you can severely burn yourself. I got out and did a reverse cho-ku-rei reiki symbol on the radiator while they watched the temperature gauge go down on the control panel. Cho-ku-rei is increase so a reverse symbol is decrease, which is almost never used, in my experience. A few moments later a couple of good ol boys stopped to ask us if we needed any help but at that point we were able to put more water in the radiator. After they left, I joked that we should have told them “Well I just did reiki on it so it will be fine now”. Now that I think of it, I’ve also done reiki on my computer successfully. For those who have done reiki, you can tell when the person “receives” it. I actually did feel the computer receive it and it was a very different experience than doing it on a person, but I could still tell.

  3. Susan says:

    MANIFESTATION STORY: For many years I had this dream/vision of living in this small house in the woods by a stream, with a larger outbuilding to use as a communal art studio. Saw and felt every detail of it. But I also had mixed emotions concerning it. Would it be too remote, away from family, more work than I wanted ?…Looked at numerous properties over a couple year span in various parts of the country even. Put our house on the market twice. No sale. But my heart did not want to give up on it. I knew it would feed my soul. Thought it would be a foundation for working with other artisans, . Well , I did not manifest that image of a house I held for so long, BUT two weeks ago I had a beautiful little art studio built in my yard, under two ancient apple trees that I dearly love behind my garden pond with a waterfall. Before it was even finished, I had people offering to help, get involved , supporting me. It does not look like I imagined, but it is everything and more that I hoped for. WITHOUT having to move cross country or away from my family or any other of the “negative aspects ” that my dream house had. The most notable thing to me was, that once the dilemmas in my mind and heart had been settled, and I made a decision , a solid decision, and stated ” This is what I want…” It was here in less than a month. Still have to finish off the inside- and I am loving doing that.

  4. GrantHAdelaide says:

    Re I-Tech & the implications of associated beliefs, people may find the discussion at pages 40-42 of this link to the MPO-LERM essays of interest.

    Specifically, looking at potential distinction in beliefs around direct manifesting “living” versus “non-living” objects.


  5. Abu Zayd says:

    P.S. When you were talking about the first time you came to Morocco and went out into the desert and did energy work – I was one of those who was there with you. Even before you came back and talked a little bit about what had gone on, I had a sense of what you were doing and the way it was described was just like what I saw and sensed.

  6. Randy says:

    Very good show and is exactly what I have been feeling. I have known for a long time that I would eventually be able to manifest things that I needed. I have purposefully manifested material things, money and toys in the past but they went away, I know now because they were too important to me and success and my appearance of success to my peers was too important to me. I had to be shown that those things were false idols and I need to let go of the appearance of worldly success. Now, I’m at a point where I just let things be. I don’t try to force things. I let things evolve naturally and I let go and let God basically. I think we are moving in this correct, natural direction together and we will be seeing things speed up and eventually happen immediately. Brian said it right at the end. Just let it happen and be excited and joyful that we know. Thanks everyone. Love to all.

  7. Randy says:

    I wanted to also say that I’m a chauffeur and several years ago I was driving some passengers home from a night out and they were all dressed up. It was pouring down rain and I didn’t have an umbrella that night so I started imagining dropping them off and it wouldn’t be raining. To keep it short, it worked. Not raining. Since then I have had many other times the same where it appeared it would be impossible for it not to be raining but I change that. Kind of like the parking angel. I feel if we keep trying these sorts of things and have success we slowly but surely learn and change our doubting thomas belief systems. Pretty soon, we know. I read in Masters of the Far East books that it is the continuous striving that yields results. Yippeee. We’re all feeling it. Now is the appointed time. I’m extremely excited and I will be enjoying the process. Thank you Brian, Lisa, D, and Heather

  8. Randy W. Griffin says:

    Peace and Blessings to all. I am not sure if this is an I-Tech observation, but I am going to share my tale.

    It has been my observation that TIME is no longer a factor when meditating. Advanced meditations that should take 5-6 hours of perfect focus seem to only require minutes. I first noticed this in early January of 2013. It seems that, if you focus your Consciousness within your Heart-Space, and invoke a sense of Unconditional Love, Space-Time cannot affect your meditative process. Let me share an example . . .

    Back then, I decided to perform Vichara, (Self-Inquiry), [which is a meditation that can be summed up with the mantra “Who Am I”], with maximum yogic intensity. I placed my Consciousness within my “Heart-Space”, (as described above), then proceeded to turn my I-Consciousness in on itself. [The idea is to hold the concentration until the perceiver and the perceived are ONE. This is the essence of yogic meditation.] To my surprise and awe, what should have taken hours, took about six minutes! I experienced my EGO dissolve like a smoke being blown away, and I was aware of direct perception of my Higher Self. In addition to this, I was immediately aware of a Holographic representation of the entire Omni-verse, within my Heart Space. The experience only lasted for a moment, then I returned to normal awareness.

    It is my intention to explore making this a permanent state of consciousness. Because of this experience, I now understand when enlightened masters would say there is nothing outside of you that is not within you.

    Peace and Blessings to All.

  9. dim says:

    happy to hear Brian at about 10:00 min really getting in to it
    the real heart of the “problem” is inside us
    rarely anyone finds it or ready to admit it

  10. David says:

    Lisa, loved the story about the young one and the invisible cloak. Yes, that is a place it starts and that we can start playing with the possibilities of,, whatever we want to experience.
    One of the first places I look at is how can I open my capacity of acceptance. One example. In a recent interview with Julian Wells it was mentioned “There is no such thing as “the real world” if you are looking at the world and can not identify it as yourself.” Also I know the templates “the controllers” rely on. The templates being an energetic one way road. So this leads to a question of how to open energetic flow to go both ways. One element it seems, people are having difficulty grasping is how to make this dance real in experience, here and now in this moment. Chris Hales gave a great explanation of Discernment in in the beginning part of the Cosmic Awaking Show (link posted below). In how he bridges the gap between the experience he knows, and connecting with a piece of data he resonates with. Doesn’t matter where the data comes from, and toss the expectation if a show, communication, channeling, ect. In its entirety is true, truth, or complete crap. Look for an element of resonance and put truth and trust on a back burner.

  11. Satya says:

    Hello D, Lisa, Brian and Heather! Thank you so much for your willingness to express and share your experiences together with us. I have an observation and also a couple of experiences of using my own I-tech in the past that I would like to share with you all. Yeah…this is a long one 馃槈

    The first is the observation: I have heard Heather on occasion mention that words create, which I totally agree with, as I listened to the 9-8 show and others where mention is made that language is very strong within our programming and how we use it, I made a connection in my brain. So I started a mental exercise for myself regarding my use of the word 鈥渘ot鈥. I came across something that said that our brains have no recognition of the word 鈥渘ot鈥 so when we say a phrase mentally to ourselves or out loud, the word 鈥渘ot鈥 never registers. An example, which I have proven over and over to myself, is if I tell myself that I am 鈥渘ot鈥 going to spill the milk I am pouring or some such phrase, I find that I spill it, because what my brain is telling me is that, I am going to spill the milk. D and Lisa on one of the shows kept commenting on how you tell your kids to 鈥渘ot鈥 do something and how that becomes the very thing that they do. When you tell them to 鈥渘ot鈥 run鈥hey run. That being said rather than using the word 鈥渘ot鈥 I say I no longer consent or there is no allowance for that in my paradigm. I have since come to realize how difficult an exercise it is even in my own dialogue to myself and how deep the programming of that one little word has been. I still find myself using 鈥渘ot鈥 on occasion, where the biggest challenge is, is rephrasing whatever statement I was going to make using 鈥渘ot鈥 from what seems negative to one that is positive, a tough challenge at times.

    The use of my I-tech: I have been a wild land fire fighter for over 16 years. Throughout that time there have been three very clear occasions to me where I have basically levitated the engine, a 4×4 ford F450 fully loaded to the max GVW of 26,000lbs, that I drove. One was driving on water, up a swampy stream, at least three times the width of the truck, turned the truck around, then drove back down with my crew members wondering what the hell happened and why we never sank up to the axel and got stuck. I was mentally holding the truck on top of the water. The next was driving along a narrow steep mountain road where the road started collapsing under the truck as I was driving. The truck actually started to slide off the mountain, and I picked up the truck and kept us on the road. The last was kind of a fun imagining in that the road I decided to drive up ended up being filled with giant boulders that should have never been able to be driven over, I was imagining that the tires were walking over the boulders like an animal might step over things that were too large for it to just walk comfortably over once again with my crew members shaking their heads at never getting stuck.
    I鈥檝e also had telepathic experiences, one very clear one with my youngest son. I asked him a question, wish I could remember what it was鈥ehe. He had thought the answer and I told him no that was incorrect and repeated to him what he had thought. He looked at me and said 鈥渕om鈥 never actually said that, I only thought it鈥, when I actually thought he vocally said the answer, I heard him very clearly, there was no mistaking to either of us what had happened. We laughed鈥

    I know that there are many more examples, those are the ones that were blatantly clear and I鈥檝e discussed with my sons on many occasions about. I am more than ready to turn up the energies and bring the full I-tech online. Waiting patiently for the popcorn to pop鈥.

  12. Reuben says:

    Hey Lisa, Brian, D, and Deerwoman. Great show! I am looking forward to the next one already. In the meantime, a question for Lisa. At about 16:30 in the show, you were talking about ownership, particularly of houses. There is a blank gap of several seconds, though I think it is just a skip, with nothing lost.
    The quote is “If you understand that it is not yours at all, no matter how many years of sweat, labor and money you’ve put into it, even if you’ve paid the damn thing off….(10 second gap/silence)… you have to let go at that point…. of attachment to anything…”
    Number 1) is there anything missing there?
    Number 2) I take it you are referring to us being stewards of the physical world, rather than owners, or am I missing something?
    Again, I love hearing you all share your experiences.

    A manifesting experience I have been witness to was one time my wife sent me to look in the chest freezer for frozen strawberries. I went and looked and didn’t find any. When I told her that, she told me she was sure that there was one more bag in there. I went back down stairs, opened the freezer, and it was sitting right there on the top of everything else where it could not be missed. So awesome!

    Long waves to all fractals!

    • Lisa Harrison says:

      Hi Rueben, thanks for the strawberry story…..yum lol

      As for my comments re: house ownership. I don’t think anything was missing from the audio. We actually never do ‘own’ property which is why you pay land tax, council rates etc, they are actually your rent and why if not paid the property can be seized from you. Just like the ‘good ol days’ slaves cannot own property, nothing has changed. There is a lot of info online about this if you choose to to look into it more.

      • Reuben says:

        Hey Lisa.
        Thanks for clearing that up. I am aware of that line of reasoning. There is also another perspective to consider, and that is that even without the “legal” side of it, in our human form we are no more than stewards of the physical things in our lives, particularly of the land that we like to pretend that we own. As some cultures have put it: “The land does not belong to us. We belong to the land.” Changing levels of consciousness may well affect that in coming moments.

        Love to all,

  13. Wyndstorm says:

    Hey everyone… So inspired by the last show, wanted to share some things with you regarding what could possibly assist in activating our I-Tech.

    Let’s first take a look at what data we already have, and LIVING PROOF OF WHAT WORKS in terms of FULLY ACTIVATING THE HUMAN BODY SUIT. I am going to reference the “Anastasia – Ringing Cedars of Russia” 10 book series (newest one “Anasta” came out 2010). I highly recommend reading the whole series, and you could start with the most recent and still get the larger picture. For those who have not, here is a brief synopsis.

    The series has been written since 1996, by a regular guy and technocratic entrepreneur, Vladimir Megre. BOY, HAS HE CHANGED in the last 15 years. Anastasia is a hermit who lives in the Russian Siberian taiga (forest with 20+ Variety of pine trees), who has a completely pristine human body, with FULLY ACTIVATED I-TECH. She grew up since birth out in these woods, and still is to this day. Her parents died at an early age, I think around 3, and her grandfather and great grandfather left her there in the space she was born into, knowing fully that nature would provide for this child, for the birth place was a Dimension of Love. Her great grandfather, who has since long passed (2003 I think), was one of the 6 High Priests who’s Thought controlled this planet. The series explains child conception, childbirth, I-tech, benefits of natural herbs & “god created” foods, the detriment of the technocratic world vs. The natural world, who Man really IS in relation to the Universe, cause of natural disasters, Thought, Imagination, etc. EVERYTHING IS IN THESE BOOKS.

    Read the rest at
    I-Tech & Anastasia

  14. Wyndstorm says:

    Seriously way to much to go into detail about the whole book, so I鈥檒l just focus in the I-tech parts. Anastasia demonstrated teleportation to Vladimir at her home in the glade across the lake. Here鈥檚 the deal with teleportation鈥 One has got to have crystal clear minds eye vision as to where they are going, not one detail missing, otherwise, they might never show up. Think about the Philadelphia Project.

    Essentially, Anastasia has demonstrated and discussed in these books that this body suit, the HUman vehicle which carries the soul, is Creator鈥檚 perfect blueprint for Creator to experience ItSelf through matter.

  15. David says:

    just found this link that has all sorts of people accessing their I tech. I liked the guy with the sword the best.


  16. Simon says:

    Love the new video Intro!

  17. Simon says:

    So loving you are leading this conversation <3

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