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“Energy Signatures”- Now Tattoos.

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“Energy Signatures”- Now Tattoos.

This is similar to a Psychic Mentoring Session in that I use my psychic, intuitive skills. The question I ask is “What is your highest intent at this moment in your life?” Then I draw the “Energy Signature” that comes through me with a brief reading on the meaning and messages of the design. I take a picture and Email to you, along with the intuitive reading.

The “Energy Signature” is an activated portal, simply because the intent is held in that way, that empowers your personal intent request bee-ing enthused. When we are together in person I draw the tattoo on your body with a non-permanent marker that generally lasts 3-5 days.

Sessions are $50 and no one is turned away because of lack of funds. If you are in a prosperous position to offer more I am grateful. Tips all-ways welcome and if you would like to sponsor or pay forward a reading for someone who could use the assist that is a cool thing to do too.

Anyone visiting Aouchtam, Morocco I am available for private sessions.

Contact via email at:

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