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by: Lisa Harrison, Interviews

John Lamb Lash w’ Lisa M Harrison Pt 2

5 Comments 22 December 2014

This is the continuation of my conversation with John. Here we discuss the outward signs of correction, a potential answer to the psychopath problem (Kalika War Party) and several other juicy topics.



John Lamb Lash w’ Lisa M Harrison Pt 2 by theonenetwork

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  1. Mark says:

    Great interview — pity the Archons were interfering with the sound quality.

  2. I so agree with the part about having our external immune system castrated through religion and civil law – to turn the other cheek. It will not work for anyone anymore. I too see and participate in the increasing clarity and connection to our Higher self awareness. I see exceptional abilities coming in.

  3. Ken says:

    I woke up 44 years ago. Came to the same conclusions independently. Something I couldn’t, even with much effort, turn my back on. Nice to hear the story behind the awakening.

  4. James Duggan says:

    Speaking of Archons. Some years ago I was living temporarily with my son who was going through an horrendous battle with substance abuse. While he was away from the apartment one day, I decided to take his personal mic which he uses on stage, and place the mic, it being metal and a good conductor, on a crystal radio device which was connected to crystals wrapped in copper wire and plugged into the crystal radio via a jack, just like in an amp or guitar jack.

    The mic being ‘ charged ‘ with my son’s energy, so to speak, I figured it might ‘pull in’ or attract, with the aid of the crystal radio, whatever entities that might be around him and affecting him to the degree that he was being affected generally in his life, especially in relation to the addiction and the consequent anger outbursts and lose of ability to concentrate on details in the moment etc.

    So imagine, I’m alone, I’m sitting there holding onto these wire wrapped crystals plugged into a crystal radio device which broadcasts and receives ( apparently that’s how crystal radios work ) and I’m waiting. Not more than five minutes later what should appear alongside me, no more than 4 feet away to my right, almost lined up with the crystal radio and mic but a rather large, maybe 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall black, dragon like ‘creature’ with a long snout on it’s long head, with scaly type skin, which seemed to be sitting back on it’s two legs similar to the way you’d see a kangaroo sitting and with wings coming off it’s shoulders. That’s about all I can remember of it because it didn’t hang around long. Like Lisa said, it saw that I saw it and it disappeared rapid like. But I knew then that that was what was hanging around my son who is fine now. He checked himself into a center and stayed 3 months and he’s been good for over 2/3 years. I’ve lost count.

    Also and as was mentioned in the interview, the thing was, I wasn’t afraid. I let it know that too, just in the way I looked at it. And it turned it’s head and looked at me. It did seem surprised in a way, almost as if it was because it could see that I was seeing it. I stared it down calmly and fearlessly. It represented to me what it was that was threatening the life of my son.

    ” Darkness is a fertile medium, the matrix of the stars “, to quote John from another context.

  5. Most of the material absolutely resonates with me. The War Party…well, I don’t sense enough spiritual and emotional maturity for the be-ings likely to be drawn to this affair to actually understand and implement the responsibility as a divine humon. My sense is a little more purging and understanding of “cleansed” anger versus “reactive” anger is needed to be demonstrated amongst us before grasping such a concept as “Warrior” for the “benevolent” purpose of Mother Earth, Sophia. I trust in the warrior and the sword of Kali with a deep understanding of the “I Am” navigating.
    On another note, as I reviewed some of the War Party notes I had a dead stop at no lesbians and gays included. I said aloud “really?!” That clearly indicated a lack of understanding of what “sacred sex” truly is or at the least a misinterpretation/mis-information of the gnostic notes.
    And, once again, Lisa you ask such pertinent, spot on questions…and thanku John for such valuable research.

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