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by: Lisa Harrison, Interviews

John Lamb Lash with Lisa M Harrison Pt 1

16 Comments 21 December 2014

My conversation with John Lash was so enjoyable and the information so in depth that this became part 1 of a 2 part conversation. John gives his most complete, concise telling of the Sophianic Myth as well as an in depth understanding of who/what the Archons really are.

John Lamb Lash with Lisa M Harrison Pt 1 by theonenetwork

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  1. Brian Kelly says:

    Excellent interview Lisa!! :)

  2. Spellbinding! Yes, we ARE helping with Sophia’s correction!

  3. Susan Hamilton says:

    I’ve listened to John speak of the Sophia myth many times but this was definitely the best description yet. Can’t wait for part two. Thank you.

  4. This is not the first time I have listened to john’s presentation of Sophia but listening again at this time has been most impactful. I hold the intention that this is heard by the masses. In John’s concluding statement the telling of the story is, in essence, the healing and hope of our souls.
    Brilliant and I look so forward to the following episode. Aho

  5. Deborah Denmark says:

    This is the most profound and deeply touching information I have ever heard. It explains so much. Thank you Lisa and I so look forward to more from John Lamb Lash.

  6. Mark Stringfellow says:

    Welcome Lisa to the true beauty of all that is. I am so glad that you have found this information. It is like John has said. I’ve read his book and researched the Coptic texts myself and and during that process it has literally transformed my life. I am so glad you are here, too.

  7. Ken Rankin says:

    This is the second time that I’ve listened to this story but the first time that I’ve heard it. You have to be ready. I’m glad I was ready this time. Thank you Lisa.

  8. Wayne Fries says:

    Thank you Lisa. Wonderful interview. Welcome Back! :)

  9. Robert Ong says:

    Great interviews Lisa! Now I finally reconnect and resonate with John’s info. Ready for my mission! Thank you both for sharing the energy.

    poems from the pleromic realm 2014

    In order to understand this book we must search our souls to find the connection we have to the Divine Feminine. The Soul is a good place to start. In fact the Soul is the tool of the Divine Feminine. For Humanity, for our connection to the Earth, or as those of Gnostic or Telestai (who were the true Gnostics) perception calls her The Divine Aeon Goddess Sophia of the Pleromic Realm (the Pleroma is the dwelling of the Gods). Others have in the past tagged her with the title Gaia. It is important however to understand the true nature of living on a planet created from within the Divine construct.
    Pre-Religious doctrines are now making their way into the Historic Record regarding Earths true creation story. The myth of the Divine Goddess Sophia leaving the Pleromic Realm to find a habitat for the Human Anthropos and eventually becoming the Earth has been occulted from the human collective consciousness in the advent of quasi GODS. The manipulated doctrines of these religious orders are merely Human Social Control Mechanisms to establish a social decorum for those who believe or who are indoctrinated into these stories.
    Many Religious Scholars throughout history have been at the mercy of predatory influences, which have infiltrated the collective mindset regarding quasi interpretations, or at moments complete lies to coerce humanity from their true destiny. We must as a species finally lay all of these patriarchal fallacies to rest and move forward with a secure Creation Myth as a guide to our collective destiny. Most contemporary religious interpretation, if not all, disregards the Divine Feminine aspect, leaving out the single most important element of Humanities true Creation Story.
    It is only now with the advent of 2012 as the Processional Equinoxes’ open themselves up to Universally guide Sophia and Humanity back to the Godhead, The Pleromic Realm where humanity was created. Leaving behind the cruelty and deceit which humanity has had to endure from the ARCHONTIC REALM. These mind parasites that have attached themselves to humanity’s consciousness are now being made redundant in their attack on Sophia the Wisdom Goddess. They too are joining humanity on the journey home.
    We all have had our part to play in this awakening and we must be proud of ourselves for arriving at this monumental precipice. Where we stand at the edge of a new Paradigm without FEAR. The correction of this destabilising momentum has been neutralised. We now can journey into the Realm of LOVE.

  11. Return or Eden says:

    The seances of our cosmic creation is all the elements of the cosmic dust and it showers in periodic table as our inbodyment our power of mind and knowing the power of creation connection
    Yes a war of the mind and the direction and Oder as humanoids are the supper rase the ones of light and love
    Our last steps are hear and direction and call apon all the elements all the visabule and made of flesh to unit and creat Oder and harmany by use connecting and uniting with mind body spirit and flesh as we are all hear fro eons we have come to this point as such as this as all ailments are at hand

    We must unit and present our authority with purity oner love light and our light will do all it needs to do
    As the city of light gold and sliver is being lit upto shin bright
    Have a majestic love and light Mariana that leaves you with a smile all the best

  12. Tony says:

    Thank you Lisa and John.

    I am one of those who have read John’s book. The two interviews Lisa has clarified so much to me I am now rereading Not In HIS Image, and it is making so much more sense. Let us be the warriors.

    I am very grateful and wish you both the very best of seasonal regards.

    Thanks to you both.

  13. Tomas Qubeck says:

    “torrential living luminosity” minute 35:25

    Thank you Dear Lisa and John! This is truly a seminal interview that Alia and I will carry with us and nourish and cherish the plant that will sprout from it… Still listening and will definitely go on to Pt.2! much love from both of us in this special time of the year.

  14. the Mo-tertan says:

    John, like really fine, expensive wine, you and the Sophia mythos narrative only grow better and better with age and time. You ROCK!! Never STOP! Lisa, PLEASE, start having John on as a guest every month to keep the narrative continuing as related world and astronomical events occur pertaining to “Sophias Correction” as we go forward. You and John have great energy together. HAIL TO THE LAMB!!!

  15. Thank you Lisa .. sooooo love this for the end of the year .. cheers x folks who read “Not in His Image” 2006 will have an eye-opener experience.

  16. MK says:

    I am perturbed by the use of the word, “intel” to described rediscovered mythology. Intelligence is information uncovered through clandestine operations. The trend towards integrating militaristic terms into normal discussion strikes me as either pretentious or indicative of the possible alphabet agency background of those using such terms.

    Somebody repeatedly using the term, “intel” for alleged mythologies sounds like a disinfo agent to me.

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