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MIP Peru Ep 10 Jan 25 – 2015

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MISSION I’M POSSIBLE #10 : The Plasma Show 

Kevin Blundell will be on hand to explain more about what is going on in the understanding of Keshe Technologies.

Karl Moltzan & Kevin will be telling us what all these latest Pictures mean from www.MAGGRAV.com.

Plus a basic discription of what it all means to the non tekkies amongst us.

Plus The latest from Boots on the Ground team in Peru.

First to be discussed on the show will be the latest Arrivals and who is coming and when and for what reasons.

Donald will be here in a months time and so too will Gina Marie from New Earth Project.

Lets hear it from them in person and why Peru?

( HUGS ) Humans Unifying Global Solutions.

Here is the cover post Photo of the CO2 Plasma Box.

Here is the cover post Photo of the CO2 Plasma Box.


Here is the video from the latest school day out and the first MIP PERU Video from Danielle and Tom at HUGS.

Since the Opening of the new schools at MIP PERU HQ :

We feel the need to respond to requests from Macro Project villages San Roque and Aguano Muyuna.

We will be discussing how we can set up, once a week schools for Recycling, Artisan and Creative arts workshops at the 2 village locations as a precursor to our Macro Projects starting there, some time this year.

Here are some of the details.

To Open School workshops with 3 different themes.

The first one of such schools will center on re-education of recycling.

Plastic bottles stuffed with Plastic bags & waste materials to make ECO-BRICKS for Building walls.

The current Waste recycle center at San Roque Just needs some loving.

So how can we possibly turn this dump into Bricks ready to use.

The Colombians know and Rebeca has the answer here.

ECO-Bricks for building houses walls almost anything.

When you cram-pack empty bottles full of discarded plastic Bags and waste that no one else wants to use,

Then you really do have a solid Plastic Bottle for building with.

Bottle bank Shelter in Sacred Geometric shapes

This is just how far you can take this technology with a few reinforcing bars set on each layer.

Here is how to buid houses and large walls in Nigeria.

Now lets get really technical :

Here is how to build your house out of stuffed recycled plastic Bottles.

Here is as top of the range house you can find in any materials, so Plastic bottles Filled with discarded rubbish fit anyones back pocket budget.The 2 other sectors of on site schooling were covered in last week show post explaining how to make Bracelets and Neckaces with Ancient Shamanic traditional Manillas (Quechuan for arm bands).

Here is the Manillas Workshops at the MIP PERU School.

The final workshop is Jungle art Painting in tune with Nature.

It is not only amazing to find spectacular items in the jungle but to see what the kids can do when left top their own imagination and a paint pot, is a treat.

Quechuan Music of the week goes to this Peruvian Band with More Flutes and Pan Pipes and also the Chequena guitar.

Blessings from the MIP PERU team.

In Light Dave

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