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One People Round Table Dec 30-2014

4 Comments 30 December 2014

Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dani Arnold McKenny invite you to join them each week as they discuss, and at times, debate, world events, mainstream headlines and this ongoing global shift.

Today’s discussion Included ‘New Age’ bullshit as a tool for mind control, humanities inner warrior, the effects (or not) of ‘Love and Light’ on the Archons and more.

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  1. Robert Frost says:

    Much love and happy new year fokes. I have been following you all for the last two years and through thick and thin, through the highs and the lows and grown exponentially, My only regret is that I have not met you all yet.

    Today’s One People Round Table brought a culmination of thoughts I have been having together joining a few more dots. Excellent thoughts.

    It was very refreshing to have the one on people who press your “my” buttons being a mirror as to issues you need to address in yourself/life as I have been struggling with this one particularly as often these people press the buttons of many others perceived as great good beings. Perhaps it is just part of the button pushers evolution.

    Interesting one on sending (not) love to the “contrast” biggest problem is we are often roped into being an aspect or perpetuating the contrast in the very work we do to pay the rent ect. Working on that one but not getting a long way fast.

    Last thought on protests. I have been active on a couple of the online partition sites were quite a lot of good work gets done. My concern with these sites however is that they do not have a facility for a no vote and a place to post your reason why.

    Looking forward to 2015 particularly looking forward to news of self running with the QEG project I feel this and other projects like it coming into circulation will escalate the awakening and greatly bring about positive change.

    Hold onto your hats I think it is going to be an exciting but turbulent ride.

    Love to you all including all past and future participants of the One People/Fix The World its factions and its followers.

    Robie UK.

  2. LYDIA says:

    Absolutely loved this show. Flash mobs, large group participation in any way, we must let them know that we do not consent and we will make that heard around the world!!! My warrior spirit cannot wait to participate
    Love, Peace and Harmony for all, everywhere

  3. Annette Cutelli says:

    I’m pissed. Very pissed. I’m angry. I’m sick of bullshit . I will fight and do fight often. Just like a mother lion protecting her cubs. I agree. There is a noble darkness. there always has been. the witches know this and we don’t get into all that fluffy new age shit. I agree that we need to fight. I do believe in forgiveness when appropriate but we need to bring in our tribal values. Real Tribal traditions. they had their different ways of dealing with this shit. clearly the world has lost all of that. This new age crap is just another way to become lazy and passive. Its healthy to be passionate and strong. When i have been abused i don’t just take it. I use my energetics for things which i can’t physically deal with. its empowering and its powerful and it works. I find the meek passive types who won’t own up to their normalness. their anger. their dissagreeance. they are not angels. they are not saints. they are just not being truthful. I find it frustrating and infuriating. They are dysfunctional.
    I love you guys. I love your message. I love your truth and i love your courage.x

  4. Graham Hayward says:

    Remember, to a gold fish, his entire universe, all he knows is encompassed within a few gallons of water. Imagine if he knew that not only were there larger aquariums available to him, but also oceans too vast to ever explore in his lifetime.

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