The ONE NETWORK evolves (or devolves as the case may be)

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I write this post in a state of excited joy, don’t let the subject fool you. It has been a tumultuous and busy few weeks with many questions needing answers.

The situation has been this….

* We have the amazing emergence of Conscious Consumer Network (CCN) which was the initial vision for The ONE NETWORK (TONE), which results in TONE being a network within a network.

* Since launching the one network (TONE) almost all of my time is spent in administration and IT, there is very little time left for what I love and believe I do best which is research and interviews.

* I have experienced many perceptions of what others think TONE is, so many people’s expectations of what they think TONE should be or need it to be for them. Attempting to accommodate is not possible.

So, the solution…….

Close out TONE, allowing everyone to do what they do best, independently, while continuing to collaborate where and when appropriate. I just want to be lisa, doing my research and my interviews and being of service the best way I can, being bogged down in admin and IT isn’t it.

This has nothing to do with personal relationships among everyone/anyone currently connected with TONE, we still love and support each other.

It also does not reflect on our working relationships , I will continue to do the One People Round Table show with Brian Kelly and Dani McKenny and the Collective Imagination with Michael Monk.

I still want to and can support everyone’s work and even collaborate on future projects.

So it is with love and excitement that I say that I am closing out TONE as a media platform.

The bridge between mainstream and alternative media IS built, it just doesn’t look the way I thought it would (CCN) which is great, because it is even bigger and better. And THAT is what’s important.

CCN will continue to be the broadcasting platform for all previous TONE Shows as well many others from alternative media voices from around the world, if you haven’t already check it out.

The ONE NETWORK will stay as an archive site.

Love to all


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